Programme Schedule

1 Information seeking preferences of male and female students about higher educational opportunities in Sri Lanka: online or offline?- K.A.V. Abeygunawardana

2 What is blended learning? evidence from literature -P.D.H.S. Amarasinghe

3 පාසල් මට්ටමින් ක්‍රියාත්මක වන අභ්‍යන්තර අධීක්ෂණ සංවිධානයේ ඵලදායීතාව 2 හා 3 වර්ගයේ පාසල් ඇසුරින් – පී. ආර්. එච්. එන් අමරවීර – Not presented

4 Implementation of Second National Language in the state schools in Sri Lanka; challenges and responses-
G.A. Chandana

5 Attitude of Post Graduate Diploma in Education students towards teaching profession-W. Chandradasa

6 ESL writing model tested: an action research-I.H.S. Fernando

7 An intervention in facilitating teaching- learning through reflection-H.M.G.D. Herath

8 A study of factors influencing academic achievement of students in the post war environment-Fr. M.A. Jayaseelan

9 Teacher perspectives on inclusive education-K.A.D. Kaluarachchi

10 School climate and the achievement level of students in G.C.E. (O/L) Mathematics-D.D. Lellupitiya

11 Validating a verbal aptitude test for adolescents using Item Response Theory-R.D.C. Niroshinie

12 Management related conflicts which influence school activities-A. Paunanthie

13 Thirteen years of guaranteed education programme: A critical evaluation-M. Perera

14 The effect of lecture breaks on student’s attention in the teaching learning process-N.V.D.P. Priyadarshani

15 Analyze the subject validity of achievement test conducted at provincial level for the subject Geography for grade 11 students-R.N.P. Rathnayaka
16 A study to improve student coping and self-regulation through an intervention based on Buddhist teachings and counselling to minimize the effects of adverse family relationships -Rev. P.D. Sangamitta

17 Relationship between examination stress and coping strategies among the advanced level students-S. Senarath

18 Factors that affect the job stress of teachers due to the career-C.W. Senavirathna
19 Teaching science as inquiry: the role of novice vs. experienced teachers’ self-efficacy -D.V.K. P. Seneviratne

20 Influence of parenting styles on the social development of children-P.K.S.S. Thilakarathna

21 Attitudes and practices of undergraduates in learning English as a second language in state universities in Sri Lanka-S.P.Vanderkoon
22 Flipped classroom and its implications for teacher education: Lessons from research-M. Vithanapathirana

23 The students’ perception on school counselling procedure and the role of the School counsellor-A.P. Wijegunawardhana