Pioneering Faculty of Education in Sri Lanka: Faculty of Education, University of Colombo

In 1973, the Department of Education was elevated to the status of a faculty and was moved out of the faculty of Arts. Dr. Ranjith Ruberu  assumed the position of the dean of the faculty. In 1975, upon a policy decision of the Ministry of Higher Education ,the departments of education of the University of Peradeniya, University of vidyalankara, and Vidyodaya University were moved to the University of Colombo, to be amalgamated with the faculty of Education of the University of Colombo. The academic staff attached to these departments were also transferred to the Faculty of Education, University of Colombo, thus making it a full-fledged faculty with 34 academic staff members.

When the faculty of Education was established in 1975,four departments of study were established, and they were:

-Department of Education Psychology

-Department of Humanities Education

-Department of Science and Technical Education (later named technology education)

-Department of Social science Education