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“Education is an act or experience that has a formative effect on the mind, character and physical ability of an individual not just as the acquisition of knowledge”. It is the development of cognitive, affective and psycho-motor aspects of an individuals.

Welcome to the Faculty of Education, University of Colombo.  We are a vibrant teaching and learning community producing world class educators.  After spending a short period in the early seventies as the Department of Education in the Faculty of Arts, we had the opportunity, in the year 1975, to expand our horizons to be the first Faculty of Education in Sri Lanka.  Since that time, we have been producing professionals based on key principles such as effective pedagogy, evidence-based practices, student-centered learning, cross-disciplinary teaching, collaboration, team building, leadership and innovation.

At present we offer degree programs such as Bachelor of Education (B Ed), Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE), Master’s in Education (M Ed), Master of Philosophy (MPhil) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) covering a diverse range of topics in the field of education.  Our Bachelor of Education and Postgraduate Diploma programs are conducted in all three major languages used in the country, Sinhala, Tamil and English, while allowing the motivated individuals to specialize in areas like “Teaching English as a Second Language”, “Drama and Theatre”.

I am proud to be the fourteenth Dean of this prestigious faculty in which, each member of the staff believes that “Every student is capable of learning and there are ways to reach them all”.  We are committed to exploring and introducing new and different concepts and technologies in raising the level of consciousness of the teacher and the learner in order to activate their authentic power affirming the etymological meaning of the word, “Education”.

Dr. L.M. Kapila Bandara
Dean, Faculty of Education,
University of Colombo

Mrs. T. Ekanayake – Senior Assistant Registrar

  • Ms. M.N.P. Rajapaksha – Clerk
  • Ms. G.I. Gunadasa – Computer Application Assistant (II)
  • Ms. M.S.R. Jayasekara – Computer Application Assistant (III)
  • Mr.K.K.I de Silva – Clerk (II)
  • Ms.M.S.Vandebona – Management Assitant (III)
  • Mr. W.A.P.R. Wanasinghe – Labourer
  • Mr. P.S. Priyankara – Labourer
  • Mr. M.S. Weerasena – Assignment Basis
  • Ms. N.Gamaethige – Assignment Basis
  • Mr. D.T.A. Karunanayaka – Assignment Basis