Instructions to Presenter – Download


Instructions to presenter

  • All presenters should fill the Google form of registration and submit it on or before 24th November  2023 8.00 am (The Google form will be sent to you on 23rd November 2023)
  • To find the panel that you will be presenting, please see “EDIRS-Panel Arrangement” document.
  • The presenter should be on the panel you are assigned to until your presentation is over. After that you can join any track of your interest. The program, and the relevant zoom links will be sent to all the participants via mail.
  • All the presenters should be in the virtual room of the panel, 10 minutes before the commencement of the session.
  • Upon logging into the virtual room, rename your name with the EDIRS number (e.g. EDIRS 00)
  • Please make sure that your mic is muted during the sessions of inauguration, presentation and event closure.
  • During the Q&A session, the video of the presenter should be switched on.
  • For any technical or any other assistance with regard to your presentation, please contact the Panel Convener in the panel you are presenting. The names of the panel convener and technical officers are mentioned in the “EDIRS-Panel arrangement” document.