Sri Lanka Journal of Education (SLJE)

Aims and Objectives of the Journal


Sri Lanka Journal of Education, a peer-reviewed journal, intends topublish scientific analyses of educational policy issues and recent developments in the field of education with a particular focus on primary,secondary and tertiary education in Sri Lanka.However,the papers will not be re-stricted only to the local context in that the editorial board wishes to accept research articles based on the findings of significant and in-depth studies conducted in developing countries in general.We are particularly interested in studies focusing on educational contexts which are direclty or indirectly influenced by both local and international idealogies and discourses.Furthermore,theoretical as well as critical essays that focus on key temporary educational issues pertaining to local and regional contexts are also very much considered for publication.Sri Lanka Joural of Educationis to be published biannually by the Faculty of Education of the University of Colombo.Theoritical and empirical researchers,scholars in education as well as,advances graduate students,and practitioners are now invited to submit their manuscripts for consideration for publication.