Ms. HMJC Herath


Ms. HMJC Herath



Department of Social Science Education,
Faculty of Education,
University of Colombo
Sri Lanka.

TP: +94 (0)11-2596887, +94 (0)718479642 (Mobile)

  • Reading for PhD (University of Colombo and University of London, UK)
  • MA in Education (University of West of England, UK)
  • Bachelor of Education (Second Class, University of Colombo)


SIDA(UK) accredited Teacher in Higher Education


  • Grant for PhD degree (Institute of Research in Education, University of London, 2008)
  • Grant for MA in Education, Bristol, UK(NEREC, 2014)
  • Grant for PhD (National Center for Advanced Studies in Humanities and Social Science, UGC- Sri Lanka, 2010)
  • Grant to Singapore (JAICA,2002)
  • Grant to Japan (Government of Japan, 2001)

  • Human Rights Education
  • Gender Studies
  • Primary Education

Conference Papers

  • Human Rights in Education, University of Pune, India 2015, Ethnic Cohesion in Higher Education Institutes, University Research Symposiums 2014,
  • Social Capital: Achieving Academic Success Without Rupees,University Research Symposium 2013

Journal Papers

  • The Impact of Financial, Human and Social Capital at Home and at School on the Educational Outcomes of Primary Students in Sri Lanka, Education and International Development (Vol.15), 2007
  • Home and School Contributors for Achievement in Education: Education and International Development (Vol.16) , 2008

Technical Reports

  • 2015 Going to School from a Relocated Urban Community:Struggling for Education within Imposed Walls

  • Sociology of Education
  • Primary Education
  • Tertiary Education

  • Bilingual Education in Sri Lanka – SLAAED, World Bank and Ministry of Education 2016
  • Human Rights Education – SLAAED, Human Rights Commission, NIE 2016
  • Achievements of Grade 4 and 8 students – NEREC, World Bank and Ministry of Education (various studies from 2003 to 2016)


  • Research Associate in CREATE, UK –  2009
  • Research Associate in National Educational Research and Evaluation Center (NEREC) 2003-2008


  • Project Manager, Sri Lanka Association for Advancement of Education (SLAAED)- 2017
  • Assistant Secretary (SLAEED) – 2015

Other Responsibilities

  • Coordinator – PGDE – English Medium (Weekend) Course
  • Team Member – Quality Assurance
  • Project Coordinator 2014/2015 – Human Rights in Education –SLAAED (UNDP/Human Rights Commission)
  • Project Coordinator 2013/2014 – Achievements of Grade 4 Students (NEREC, World Bank and MoE Research Project)

  • Lecturer in Social Science Education, Faculty of Education, University of Colombo       (2001 onwards)
  • English Instructor, Department of English, Faculty of Arts, University of Colombo (1998-2000)
  • Assistant English Teacher, Pussadeva Cluster School, Walapone (1995-1996)