International Conference on Future of Education

International Conference on Future of Education

“Education at Reach” The International Conference on Future of Education 2018 was held on the 26th – 27th June, 2018 in Hotel Taj Samudra, Colombo, Sri Lanka. with the participation of 30+ participants from all over the world. The Faculty of Education, University of Colombo served as an academic partner of the conference.

Mr.Chinthaka Chandrakumara, Prof.Manjula  Vithanapathirana with Ms.Samadara Amarasinghe and Ms.Vidyanjalie Abegunawaradena from Faculty of Education participated in the conference and presented following research papers.

Mr.Chinthaka Chandrakumara – “Assessment practices of Sinhala Language and Literature in Sri Lanka: Are the Assessments Authentic?

Ms. Samadara Amarasinghe, Prof. Manjula Vithanapathirana – “Towards blended learning: Lessons Learned through Technological Interventions in Teacher Education in Sri Lanka

Ms.Vidyanjalie Abegunawardana – “Towards an Integrated Framework for Selecting a Bachelor’s Degree from Private Higher Educational Institutes in Sri Lanka”.

Two PhD holders from Faculty of Education, Dr. Vajira de Silva and K G C Kandangama also presented papers.

On 26th June 2108 Prof. Marie Perera, Director, NEREC, Faculty of Education chaired one technical session and the keynote speech on the following day on “English for All” Is it a Myth? What the National Assessments Revealw犀利士
as also done by her.

On 27th June two technical sessions were chaired by Prof. Manjula Vithanapathirana, the Dean, Faculty of Education, University of Colombo.

Ms.Vidyanjalie Abegunawardana, PhD research student from Faculty of Education won the overall best presenter award.