The Department of Educational Psychology contribute to the faculty to make its’ vision of developing a committed professional in education a reality by providing necessary knowledge and skills to students to work as teachers, teacher educators, counselors, evaluators and researchers in education.
Department of Educational Psychology is one of the four departments belonging to the Faculty of Education, the first Faculty of Education in Sri Lanka. Since establishing, its main research and teaching areas are Educational Psychology and Educational Measurement and Evaluation. However, during the past two decades it has expanded its role. At present Psychological Counseling has become an important area in the department.

In 1996 the Department started the Postgraduate Diploma in Counseling Course and now it provides a great service to the different sectors of the country by producing qualified counselors. A large number of students do their post graduate studies related to Educational Psychology, Educational Measurement and Evaluation and Psychological Counseling under the supervision of the academic staff of the department. In addition to above three other subject areas such as Early Childhood Education, Educational Guidance and Counseling and Educational Statistics are also offered. The department offers these main and sub courses to all the under graduate and post graduate level courses conducted by the faculty.

Our aim is to provide an excellent academic environment to our students to enhance their knowledge and skills necessary to develop the educational, social and economical condition of the country.

About Us

In 1975 the Department of Educational Psychology was established when the Departments of Education of Peradeniya, Vidyalankara and Vidyodaya Universities were brought to Colombo and merged with the Faculty of Education, University of Colombo.

From the beginning the department contributed to all the courses conducted by the faculty in addition to the following courses initiated by the department.

  • 1986 – Post Graduate Diploma in Educational and Psychological Assessment
  • 1994 – Post Graduate Diploma in Counseling
  • 2004 – Master of Education (Educational and Developmental Psychology)


To develop a professional with expertise in human behavior committed to scientific study and ethical practices in their area of expertise.