The Head - Department of Humanities Education

Mr. L.M.K. Bandara

Message from the Head of the Department

We warmly welcome you to the web page of the Department of Humanities Education.

This Department is an active operational body, which functions with a broad perspective under the authority of the University of Colombo. I would like to enlighten you on the contribution of our department towards the knowledge society.

The Department undertakes tasks with a special tendency to develop the mental alertness of an individual. We extend our services to the community in collaboration with the university students as well as the other formal and non formal agencies.

We provide a significant contribution to the national education system by producing professionals to teach English and aesthetic subjects in schools as well as in the higher education sector. Many research, publications and national level seminars have been conducted in the above areas in order to strengthen the above fields.

The Department further gives special attention to realize the objectives of the concepts such as “Effective School”, “Ape Lanka Schools” in order to improve the quality of school education in Sri Lanka.

I invite the Undergraduate and Postgraduate students who are interested in the above fields to join with us in research and publications that would contribute towards national and international development.