Dissemination of the findings of the national assessment of learning outcomes of students completing grade 4 in 2015 was held at the Ministry of Education, Isurupaya. It was chaired by the secretary, Ministry of Education Mr. Sunil Hettiarachchi. The presentation was done by the Director, NEREC Professor Marie Perera and the team of academics from the Faculty of Education. Subject Directors of the Ministry, provincial directors, Director planning and other officials of the ministry and officials of the World Bank participated in the seminar. The findings indicate a positive trend in improvement of learning outcomes in all four subjects assessed. It also highlights some negative trends which continues to hinder the achievement of “Education for all”.

1. Cover

2. Inner Pages-Gr.04 _2015

3. Chapter 1 – Introduction

4. Chapter 2 – Methodology

5. Introducation to Chap 3-6

6. Chapter 3 – Pattern in Achievement _Sinhala Language

7. Chapter 4 – Pattern in Achievement _Tamil Language

8. Chapter 5 – Pattern in Achievement _English Language

9. Chapter 6 – Pattern in Achievement _Mathematics

10. Chapter 7 – Conclusion 11. References

12. Series of National Assessments

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