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♦  Bachelor of Education(Hons) -1977,University of Colombo, Sri Lanka

♦  Master of Education -1992,University of Colombo, Sri Lanka.

♦  Post Graduate Diploma in Educational Management(Merit Pass)-1994,National Institute of Education, Sri Lanka.

♦  Master of Philosophy,-1998,University of Colombo,Sri Lanka.

♦  Doctor of Philosophy-2008(A Critical Study of the Effective Schools in Sri Lanka)

Areas of Teaching

Educational Administration, School Base Management, Planning and Management at School Level, Educational Planning, Political Science Methods, Research Methods, Foundation of Social Science

Areas of Research Interests

Awards and Grants

♦  Leadership course,Assumption University of Thailand,2009


Editorial work


Unpublished Thesis

♦  A Critical Study of the Effective Schools in Sri Lanka(Doctor of Philosophy)

♦  What Characteristics of Principal’s Leadership Behavior Contribute to Motivation and Loyalty of his Teachers(Master of Philosophy)

♦  Teacher’s Perception of Principal’s Administrative Behavior(Master of Education)

Joint Research

♦  National Assessment of Achievement of Grade 4 pupils in Sri Lanka, Team Member of case study investigation – NEREC-2004

♦  Effects and Effectiveness of Training provided for School Principals (Team Member of the research team – NEREC),2001-2003

♦  Research on Gender Issues – Early dropouts of girls from schools in the Free Trade Zone areas (Team Member of the research team – DSIUE)-2002

♦   An evaluation of the implementation of School Based Assessment in post primary classes (Research Assistant – in collaboration with NEREC,2000-2001

♦   A tracer study of Technical College Graduates, (Team Member – in collaboration with NEREC),1999-2000

♦  An Evaluation of the effectiveness on the Educational Reforms at the key stage 1 of primary circle in Sri Lanka
(Research Assistant – in collaboration with NEREC)

Chapters and Web Documents


Journal Articles

♦  Multiple Grade Teaching Method as a Solution for Teacher Scarcity :Adyapana 32, 2001

♦  The Need for Student Counseling for a School : Adyapana 31, 2001 June

♦  The Japanese 5S Method and School Effectiveness: Adyapana 30, 2000

♦  Management Structure in Operation 1AB Schools: Adyapana 28, 1999

♦  A Lesson that We an Learn from a School in a Developed Country Adyapana Prathiba ,1998

♦  School Effectiveness: Adyapana 38,39

♦  What Characteristics of Principal’s Leadership Behavior Contribute to Motivation and Loyalty of his Teachers,M. Phil. Thesis Published Article based on Post Graduate Research in the Sri Lanka Journal of Educational Research, NIE

♦  Teacher’s Perception of Principal’s Administrative Behavior: Research Journal NIE

♦  Differences Among Secondary Schools With Respect to School Effectiveness, Sri Lanka Journal of Social Sciences -. 2011, (Forth Comming)

♦   A Critical Study of the Effective Schools in Sri Lanka, Research Journal NIE- 2011,(Forth Comming)

♦   Accountability and Responsibility of School Principals and Teachers Regarding School Children. -2011

Technical Reports


Conference Papers


Book Publications


Involvement with other universities

♦  Open University of Sri Lanka

♦  University of Peradeniya

♦  National Institute of Education (NIE)

Other responsibilities

♦ Lanka Association for the Advancement of Education