The Faculty of Education, University of Colombo is offering the Postgraduate Diploma in Education, as a weekend, self financing course in the English Medium, in response to the dire need in the system for teachers who are proficient to teach in the English Medium. This course is designed to promote professional development of teachers, teacher educators, principals of schools and others in the field of education. By continuing their professional education in the English medium, teachers and non-teachers enrolled in this course will become proficient to teach in the English medium, to serve as resource persons in continuing education.


♦ To develop graduates of Government schools, Private schools, Assisted schools & International schools to become professionally competent in the field of education.

♦ To develop graduates who aspire to join the teaching profession or education related field by equipping them with necessary professional competencies.

Duration of the course:

The course is of 18 months duration conducted on weekends (Saturday and Sunday from 9.00 am to 4.00 pm). In addition, a student has to engage in supervised practical teaching over a 10 week period in an educational institution.

Entrance Qualification:

Individuals possessing a good knowledge of English and a Bachelor’s Degree standing from a recognized university are eligible to apply:

Course content: This course consists of three components;

1. Course work
2. Teaching Practice and
3. Essay

A: Course work


1. Principals and Problems of Education 42
2. Educational Psychology 42
3. Comparative Education 42
4. Educational Measurement & Evaluation 42
5. Educational Administration or Curriculum Development & School Organization 42
6. Educational Methodology *Part I General Methods of Teaching, Part II Special Methods of Teaching (2 Methods) 42
7. Special Areas (2 Areas) ** 42


Educational Methodology consists of two parts.

Part I: General Methods

Part II: Special Methods

Students are expected to select two subjects of the following Special Methods:

English, Mathematics, Civic Education, Science, Computer Education, Primary Education, Geography, English Literature, Commerce.

** Special Areas are as follows:

Educational Planning, Environmental Education, Early childhood Education, Educational Counseling, Educational Statistics, Information Technology, Educational Technology, Science Education, Tertiary Education, Sociology of Education

B: Teaching Practice:

Students are expected to engage in Teaching Practice in a school / educational institution for a period of 10 weeks (covering 80 hrs) under such conditions determined by the Dean of the Faculty of Education.

Note: Those who are not currently attached to such an institute will have to make appropriate arrangements in this regard. The Faculty will not take responsibility in finding an institution for them.


Students are expected to submit an academic essay on a subject within the field of education which is of interest to the student. The topic and methodology will have to be approved by a Supervisor appointed by the Dean of the Faculty of Education.

Details of the course content and examination requirements will be given with the course handbook at the commencement of the course.


Essay Guidelines

Time Table(September)  and Selection of clusters

Time Table (October)