Certificate Course in Educational Research Methodology – 2016

Work Schedule


Name of the Lecturer



01 Introducing Social Science Research Prof W Chandradasa 10th January Morning
02 Paradigms of Research Prof M Vithanapathirana Afternoon
03 Review of Literature Prof Marie Perera 17th January Morning
04 Population and Sampling Prof Roland Abeypala Afternoon
05 Introduction to Qualitative Research I Dr  LP Wedikkarage 31st January Morning
06 Introduction to Qualitative Research II Dr  LP Wedikkarage Afternoon
07 Action Research I- Theoretical aspect Prof Dayalatha G Lekamge 7th February Morning
08 Action Research II-Application in Education Dr Godwin Kodituwakku Afternoon
09 Action Research III- Designing Prof M Vithanapathirana 14th February Morning
10 Methods of Data Generation Mr C Kasturi Arachchi Afternoon
11 Methods of Data Analysis (Qualitative) I Prof Dayalatha G Lekamge 21st February Morning
12 Methods of Data Analysis (Qualitative) II Prof Dayalatha G Lekamge Afternoon
Workshop-Action Research Prof M VithanapathiranaDr Godwin Kodituwakku 28th February Morning
13 Experimental and Quasi: Experimental Research Dr Samudra Senerath 12th March Morning
14 Mixed Methods Research Prof M Vithanapathirana Afternoon
15 Casual Comparative Research Prof W Chandradasa 13th March Morning
16 Survey Research Mr WM Pragnadarsana Afternoon


Data Gathering I Mr S Galagama 20th March Morning


Data Gathering II Mr S Galagama Afternoon
Workshop- Instrument Development Mr S GalagamaMr WM Pragnadarsana 27th March Morning
19 Academic Writing Prof Marie Perera 03rd April Morning


Introduction to Quantitative Data Analysis Prof W Chandradasa Afternoon


Preparation of a Data File in SPSS Mr PKJE Nonis 24th April Morning
Data Analysis using SPSS Prof W Chandradasa Afternoon


Workshop-Data Analysis Prof W Chandradasa 08th May Morning


Research Ethics Dr  Samudra Senerath 15th May Morning


Developing Research Proposal Prof Marie Perera Afternoon

Venue – Room No.01, Faculty of Education